zim-pakistan.jpgMembers of the Diplomatic Corps last night joined Pakistan in commemorating its national day with calls made for the strengthening of bilateral ties between Zimbabwe and the Asian country.

The 23rd of March has been set aside to commemorate the Lahore Resolution of 1940 which marked the birth of the first constitution of Pakistan, the world’s first Islamic republic.

The diplomatic community converged at the Pakistan embassy in Harare to join Pakistanis in celebrating an important day on their annual calendar.

Pakistan’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Seyd Zulphiqar Ali Shah, hailed the existing ties between the two states and said Zimbabwe’s economic situation is improving hence the need for other nations to invest
in the country.

“Zimbabwe’s economy has improved immensely and we are urging the Pakistani business community to come and invest as the climate is stable,” he said.

Guest of Honor at the annual commemorations, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Rabson Makhula, hailed Pakistan for its achievements and also pledged to strengthen bilateral ties with the Islamic state.

He said: “Zimbabwe and Pakistan enjoy cordial relations based on the history between the two countries which has seen corporation in various areas.”

Pakistan and Zimbabwe enjoy cordial relations in economic and political affairs, which have seen Zimbabwe benefitting through assistance
in military training.