Zimbabwe is on track to achieve food security on the back of a bumper harvest for the 2016/2017 summer cropping season which has also translated into increased economic growth in line with ZIM ASSET aims on the food security and nutrition cluster.

Food security is key towards economic growth with the bumper harvest having created opportunities for the country to maximise in terms of increasing the value chain of the food processing industry.

While the country’s socio-economic blue print ZIM ASSET cluster seeks to ensure that the country has adequate stocks of food to sustain industry and commerce, with latest data indicating the nation exceeded its annual two million metric tonnes requirement of maize there is optimism of a 3.7 economic growth target for 2017.

Zimbabwe Agricultural Society chief executive officer, Dr Anxious Masuka says while the national requirements for the food processing sector are currently adequate, the excess production of food related crops mainly maize has also consolidated some of the economic gains.

With agro-processing firms also maximising on the adequate input from the farming sector, the trend has also rescucitated firms that had scaled down operations, notes National Foods chief executive officer, Mr Mike Lashbrook.

Therefore the need to increase production for various crops is now a key element that is under spotlight ahead of the 2017/2018 summer cropping season.