h1ni.jpgThe Ministry of Health and Child Welfare says the country is well prepared in the eventuality of an H1N1 flu and enough reserves of tummy flu drugs are in stock.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, Retired Brigadier Dr Gerald Gwinji said so far no suspected cases of H1N1, also known as swine flu, have been reported in the country, adding that the winter season is usually associated with an increase in seasonal colds.

“So far we have not heard any cases of H1N1 or suspected cases, but our response team is alert and we have enough stocks of tummy flu,” said Dr Gwinji.

Dr Gwinji’s remarks come in the wake of reported H1N1 cases in neighbouring South Africa where at least 4 people have tested positive to the virus.

Dr Gwinji said Zimbabwe has since procured testing machines and H1N1 tests are now being done locally.

“We have made some diagnostic improvements and instead of sending our samples to South Africa, this time around we will be carrying out the tests locally,” he added.

In Zimbabwe last year, the H1N1 virus was first detected in Nyanga where some school children started showing symptoms suggesting H1N1 infections.

Cases later spread to other areas including Beitbridge, but government acted swiftly averting an outbreak.