The 11th Session of the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Joint Permanent Commission on Defence and Security, seeking to deliberate on common security threats and ways to combat them, has kicked off in Harare.

The security services of Zimbabwe and Mozambique are concerned by the continued smuggling of contraband, the influx of illegal immigrants from the Great Lakes Region and the horn of Africa as well as poaching of elephants and rhinoceros, which remain major security concerns for the two countries.

The same issues were raised as security challenges during the 9th Session of the Joint Permanent Commission on Defence and Security two years ago.

The 11th session of the commission opened in Harare this Tuesday, with permanent secretaries from the two countries having raised the same concerns again, noting though that the security situation along the Zimbabwe and Mozambican border is stable.

Defence and War Veterans Permanent Secretary for Zimbabwe Mr Martin Rushwaya commended the Southern African Development Community for its role in promoting peace in the Kingdom of Lesotho and the Democratic Republic of Congo, adding that it is the hope of Zimbabwe and Mozambique that the efforts by SADC will yield lasting peace and stability in the two countries.

The Zimbabwe-Mozambique Joint Permanent Commission was established to strengthen the capacity of the two countries’ defence forces and security services to handle common security threats.