blood donation.jpgStakeholders in the health sector have commended government for launching national guidelines that will compel all clinical laboratories in the country to keep up with current trends in diagnostic pathology.

The health sector is set to be transformed for the better after government launched the national guidelines for medical laboratories, the national blood policy and the national blood standards.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch ceremony held in Harare, National Blood Service Zimbabwe chief executive, Mr. David Mvere acknowledged that prior to the launch a patient was allowed to buy blood from anywhere in the world and bring it to Zimbabwe for transfusion, but the national blood policy will ensure that blood donors and patients adhere to set guidelines for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Medical Laboratories and Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe Chairman, Mr. Cuthbert Mashanda said the launching of the national guidelines is a positive development that will ensure that all laboratories adhere to set standards.

Laboratories are a key component of the health delivery system and play a pivotal role in disease diagnosis, treatment and surveillance.

Zimbabwe had never had a national blood policy before.

The new guidelines will now compel all clinical laboratories for the purposes of registration, certification and accreditation.