Zimbabwe and India are expected to cement their cultural systems by formulating strategies to identify, nature talent and promote exchange programmes.

It emerged at the Indian-Zimbabwe Day which is the capstone of the India in the Sunshine City Festival that began on Saturday, September 8 for the whole week that the promotion of culture is critical for the two countries.

The Director for Arts and Culture Promotion and Development in the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Dr Biggie Saruchera said the India-Zimbabwe Day reflects commitment by the two countries to continue forging ties in the fields of music, theatre and culture.

“It is a critical opportunity for the two countries to promote development,” he said.

There is also need to continue focusing on cultural programmes that will benefit the two countries, said Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Rungsung Masakui.

“Focus should now be on the need to embrace cultural programmes,” said the Indian Ambassador.

The Zimbabwe-India Day is a platform where the two countries best artists also showcase their talents with focus being on the need to promote and identify culture while sharing the best possible opportunities of musical entertainment.