President Robert Mugabe’s resignation this evening has brought wild cheers and jubilation across the country.

Harare, the capital had wild celebrations with cars hooting, others whistling while some were dancing on the streets. 

Many said ‘Yes His Time Was Up’.

There was joy and jubilation across the country when news broke out that President Mugabe had resigned.

People came onto the streets honking their horns and showing their joy.

ZBC News interviewed the joyous people in the heat off the moment and they couldn’t hide their joy while some were in disbelief.

At Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale people lined in the streets celebrating the momentous occasion. 

In all the other provinces’, the mood was the same with people taking to the streets celebrating this historic moment as Cde Mugabe finally stepped down as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.  

In Victoria Falls, tourists joined the celebrations saying this is the pathway to a new Zimbabwe.

After days of monitoring the mainstream and social media, Zimbabweans finally received news of a resolution.

Regardless of race, religion or creed, all the people expressed the same sentiments, that of approval.