Zimbabwean security officials are seized with cases of alleged assaults and torture of Zimbabwean nationals who are illegally settled in neighbouring Botswana.

The country’s Western Region Immigration Department said an average of 2400 Zimbabweans are deported from Botswana every month with a significant number reporting incidents of abuse.

“We receive an average of 2400 repatriations a month from our four ports of entry as the western region. Half of these complain of assault and in some extreme cases we send them back for treatment at the hands of the Botswana authorities. We sometimes receive information on  cases of Zimbabweans being shot,” Western Region Assistant Immigration Officer, Mr Blessing Marwa said.

The ZBC News caught up with an alleged victim, Mr Misheck Siziba who claimed that he was inhumanly treated while in a detention camp after he had overstayed.

“I was assaulted while undressed at the hands of Botswana security officials for having overstayed in the neighboring country. The police beat us in detention camps before handing us over to the chiefs who further subjected us to more beatings in front of the community. They also took away my passport,” Siziba said.

These reports come as the world commemorated World Human Rights Day on Tuesday, amid calls for every person to be treated with respect and dignity.