Top local artists that include Mechanic Manyeruke, Dingimuzi Phuthi, Bob Nyabinde and Emmanuel Thomas have come together under the banner of the Zimbabwe Heritage Trust to launch a ten track album titled ‘Nhaka Yedu’.

The album was launched at the Zimbabwe College of Music in the capital yesterday (Thursday) evening.

Renowned catholic music composer, Memory Marimazhira wrote the song ‘Nyika Yedu’ where he speaks of love for his motherland, Zimbabwe.

For Nyabinde and Phuti, the album is a heritage for generations to come.

Zimbabwe Heritage Trust Chief Executive Officer Pritchard Zhou believes the launch is a milestone in promoting local culture through the production of music that cherishes the country’s history while upholding national interests.

“It’s quite amazing to have those who have the love and desire for the country, where we came from, where we are and where are going,” they said.

The ten track album has songs such as, ‘Tateguru’ done by Willis Watafi, ‘Educate’ by Sebede, title track ‘Nhaka Yedu’ by Bob Nyabinde, ‘Wakaropafadzwa’ by Emmanuel Thomas, ‘Africa’ by Dingumuzi Phuti, ‘Rwakaenda’ done by Nancy Mutize, ‘Zivai Rudzi Rwenyu’ by Baba Mechanic Manyeruke, ‘Chipatapata’ by Jennifer Maneni, ‘Nyika Yedu’ by Memory Marimazhira, and ‘Intondolo Emnyama’ by Dingumuzi Phuti.