Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Dr Sibusiso Moyo says contrary to social media reports that the military is involved in beatings in Chitungwiza and Kuwadzana, there is no such exercise that has been sanctioned for the forces but if such things are happening it could be some elements who are impersonating the soldiers and going around Harare harassing members of the public.

At a special meeting to review the just ended 2018 harmonised elections in the country, Minister Moyo said investigations in Chitungwiza and Kuwadzana, where the beatings are purported to have taken place are underway.

He indicated hospital authorities in either Chitungwiza or Kuwadzana have, however, said they have not received any related cases.

He explained that the country has a highly disciplined military which took over police operations for three months after the transition last year where they proved they are highly disciplined and professional and not what is being sought to be portrayed.

Dr Moyo said the elections have been peaceful, transparent and credible but the violence that occurred after voting is regrettable as it led to the loss of lives and destruction of property.

He said government is deeply remorseful for the subsequent use of force in quelling the violence leading to the loss of lives.

Minister Moyo said elections are over and according to the President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa it is time to move forward.

He said President Mnangagwa is embracing all members of society so that everyone plays their part in reconstructing Zimbabwe.

He said government is aware there are others who are affiliated to other parties who are willing to join the President in building a new Zimbabwe and these are welcome.

Dr Moyo paid tribute to the various Embassies for assisting in the sending of observer missions for the harmonised elections saying the presence of the observer groups goes a long way to substantiate President Mnangagwa’s declaration that Zimbabwe has nothing to hide.

He said Zimbabwe accepts the observers’ recommendations and will continue to improve its democracy.

Going forward, the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister said Zimbabwe is on a new trajectory of peace, development and economic recovery and no one should be left behind.

The Germany Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Thorsten Hutter said there is need to ensure continued peace and stability if agreed commitments are to take off.

Egyptian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Mohamed Mostafa Ahmed Fahmy said the business people from his country are ready to come into action once Zimbabwe’s ease of doing business and other policies are finalised.

With the elections now behind the electorate, Zimbabweans eagerly await the President-elect to swing into action.