simbarashe mumbengegwi 14-04-11.jpgForeign Affairs Minister, Cde Simbarashe Mumbengegwi has hailed the outcome of the recent SADC Summit which discussed Madagascar and Zimbabwe, saying Zimbabwe got what it expected.

Minister Mumbengegwi said this when he briefed African and non-aligned countries’ diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe, as well as the ambassadors of China and Russia.

Cde Mumbengegwi told the diplomats that the facilitator gave an excellent report on the progress that has been made by the parties in the inclusive government and on the election roadmap as well as the JOMIC report.

He said the Summit noted the Livingstone report where Zimbabwe had serious objections on the procedures leading to the report, but stressed that the document was not endorsed.

He pointed out that the Summit called on the parties to continue working on outstanding issues which as far as Zanu PF are concerned are the issues of illegal sanctions and the constitution making process which is underway.

Before the Sandton Summit, the so-called independent publications were awash with the issue of Zimbabwe.

The diplomats were also briefed on the recent visit by a SADC delegation to London, Brussels and Washington to campaign for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and how these western capitals are adamant that they are not removing them.

Some media reports have quoted the American Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Johnnie Carson, a former American ambassador to Zimbabwe saying the MDC-T is insisting that they should not be removed, a development which has left many Zimbabweans questioning the MDC-T’s commitment to the GPA.

The party has also been accused of shifting positions and raising new outstanding issues at every sitting of the negotiators.