johannes tomana 28-09-11.pngAttorney General Mr. Johannes Tomana says government will soon file a court application with the European Union Court of Justice suing the European Council for allegedly imposing illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe.

In response to Attorney General Tomana’s request for the European Council to justify grounds for imposing the so called restrictive measures against Zimbabwe, head of EU cabinet, Mr. Frans van Daele remained adamant that the illegal sanctions are justified citing that they were published in the official journal of the European Union.

Attorney General Tomana said the response by the EU does not hold water as it only confirms the suspicion by government that due process was not done as the European Council failed to comply by their rule of law to serve the targeted victims with letters of notification at their respective addresses.


“In view of that response we have received from them, it is now clear that we actually have a case. We have started to prepare our application, which we expect to finalise next week and then make sure that we file within the course of next month,” said Mr. Tomana.

Mr. Tomana said by also failing to prove their statement of reason, Zimbabwe will go ahead and file its case with the European Court of Justice.

The AG said he strongly believes that with faith, like any other countries that had their case heard in the EU chambers, Zimbabwe has a genuine case to advocate for the unconditional removal of illegal sanctions imposed by the West.