golf-ball.jpgA team of 11 golfers from the Zimbabwe Defences Forces (ZDF) is in Munich, Germany for a week-long 13th edition of the World Military Golf Competition.

The Zimbabwean team joins over 30 other countries for the event.

The ZDF team of 10 golfers and a head of delegation also comprise 3 ladies as per the games requirement and has five players who are survivors of the 12th edition of the World Military Golf Competition which were held in Sri Lanka in November last year.

Zimbabwe goes in with a top handicap of 7 held by Staff Sergeant Jabulani Mwale from army headquarters and is hoping to put up a good fight while also understudying how to organize a global competition as it will host to the 15th edition in 2020.

The World Military Golf championships begin today and will end on Saturday in Munich with over 30 countries expected to take part.