professional golfer.jpgofessional golf in Zimbabwe is on the verge of entering a new era with the setting up of a management board to run the affairs of the Zimbabwe Professional Golf Association.

In previous years, the local professional golfers have been running their own administration issues and organizing tournaments which raised concerns about the effectiveness of the professional body in matters of sound management.


 This has seen the Zimbabwe Professional Golfers Association struggling to stage a significant number of tournaments due to lack of sponsorship, hence the latest move to set up an independent body in an endeavour to mop up the image of professional golf in Zimbabwe.


The president of the association, Akil Yousuf hailed the birth of a management board as the advent of a new era for professional golf in Zimbabwe and the SADC region.

 “We’re at an advanced stage of formulating and forming the management board to take over the running of the affairs of the professional body and that should be set in stone within the next month. We’re in the process of going through the logistics of everything at the moment with various members of that board,” said Yousuf.

The management board will be headed by golf administrator and referee, Michael Mahachi, who has held consultations with the ZPGA leadership over the last couple of weeks to put the final logistics in place.


The management board will be tasked with manifold responsibilities among them sourcing sponsorship and arranging tournaments in line with international standards where golfers concentrate on playing only, while the management board sets the rules and organizes tournaments.