Most Zimbabweans are getting a raw deal from insurance companies after it has emerged that they are made to wait forever for the disbursement of funds meant for compensation, while in some cases victims are left to suffer on their own despite provisions which compel the insurance companies to cover some of the payments.

The introduction of the multi-currency regime by the government in 2009 has seen most Zimbabweans losing their servings while most insurance companies threw their business ethics out of the window as they began to give clients a raw deal.

Making presentations during some public hearings on the motor vehicle accident fund, an accident victim gave a touching tale of how he had to endure payment of bills while a father to a child who passed on during an accident had to bear costs despite the need to get some funding from insurance companies through the third part insurance, in line with the provisions of the law.

An analyst, Mr Benson Mukandiwa says it is high time all businesses operating in the country adhere to basic business principles for the development of the country.

Zimbabweans now pin their hopes on the setting up of the motor vehicle accident fund which could cover the gap created by medical aid and other insurance companies through compensating accident survivors and relatives of people who perish in accidents.