Zimbabwe will send a 25 member strong delegation that comprises 15 athletes, and 6 officials to the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Buenos Aires, Argentina to be held from the 6th to the 20th of next month.

Team Zimbabwe to the YOG will be headed by newly appointed Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation and Olympian Honourable Kirsty Coventry.

The team is drawn from six sport codes, namely, athletics, aquatics, equestrian, women’s hockey and rowing.

Chef d’ mission to the YOG, Honourable Coventry chaired the penultimate and 10th meeting which discussed preparations both technical and administrative, as well as competition updates to the games.

“I am really happy with the progress and preparations for the YOG, all sport codes are well on course and preparing well, I am really excited, I am sure will have a good competition and Team Zimbabwe should do well,” she said.

All national associations gave brief updates of their athletes training programmes and progress in the countdown to the competition and reported a clean bill of health for all those who qualified and travelling to the games.

The YOG team is scheduled to leave on the 1st of next month on Emirates Airlines via Dubai where they will spend a night and arrive on the 3rd in Argentina.

A change maker programme will run concurrently with the games where former youth Olympian Eyhara will be attending together with youth role models and an IOC meeting to be attended by ZOC officials during the first two days of YOG.