Zimbabwe’s human resources fraternity is embracing digital systems in line with global trends to enhance the competitive edge of the country’s labour markets.

The human resources management indaba held in Harare yesterday (Saturday) saw members of the fraternity assessing compliance by firms to digital systems.

Econet Zimbabwe Chief Human Resources Officer, Mr Dennis Nyabadza noted that while there are various factors influencing the adoption to the new global systems, Zimbabwean firms should instead not lag behind.

At a time when concern is being raised on automation of industries that are now resulting in some firms downsizing their recruitment, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Deputy Director for Human Resources, Mr Cleopas Chiketa said companies need to balance the act between their resources and costs.

“It is all about balancing the act so as to unlock value and improve viability,” he said.

However, lack of funding, clear cut policy shortfalls, limited awareness and low capacity to adopt global digital trends by firms were cited as key constraints hindering the ability of companies to embrace the digital platforms or systems within their human resource management models.