Zion Christian Church (ZCC) Bishop, Dr Nehemiah Mutendi has assured Zimbabweans that the country’s economic hardships will soon come to an end.

Bishop Mutendi was speaking to the ZBC News this Sunday at the end of his church’s week-long Easter conference at Mbungo in Masvingo.

As is the custom, the day commenced with a procession which saw over 100 000 congregants lining the roads at Mbungo as they waited for the Bishop to greet them.

After the procession, Bishop Mutendi said Zimbabweans should not lose hope as the economy will rise again.

He said the several government initiatives like ZIMASSET and the Command Agriculture Programme will see the fortunes of the country turning around.

“Just like Jesus rose again, surely the economy of Zimbabwe will rise again. My message this past week has been centred on hope. Zimbabweans should never despair, it shall be well,” he said.

Bishop Mutendi said his church will continue to support the country’s education sector through building more schools, adding that the church should always be on the forefront of developmental programmes and not leave all the work to the government.

“It is very crucial for our people to have vocational skills. We will continue to ensure we build the education sector, ” said Bishop Mutendi.

Focusing on the message of the cross, Bishop Mutendi said the Easter holiday serves as reminder that people should learn to forgive each other in the same manner that Christ forgave humanity.

Many Christians across the world use this time to meet and share the word of God.