Zimbabwe’s charm offensive as it engages the regional and international community is expected to rebuild confidence and promote goodwill in the effort to revitalise the local economy.

Experts say the dialogue and open door policy being articulated have enhanced the country’s attractiveness to the outside community. 

The regional engagement has been witnessed through President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s visits to South Africa, Angola, Namibia as well as Mozambique today to meet with regional leaders.

A political analyst, Mr Alexander Rusero noted that this effort will create positive interest in local affairs.

“This whole initiative of the regional diplomatic initiative, international reengagement strategy is a step in the right direction. It is aimed at benefitting Zimbabwe in the sense that if the country’s image is spruced up, if Zimbabwe’s attractiveness is enhanced, then everyone would want to come,” he said.

 During his visits to regional countries, President Mnangagwa is also meeting with Zimbabweans based in the region with a trip on the cards to the World Economic Forum which brings fortune 500 companies and global leaders on one stage.

A commercial lawyer, James Makiya said synergies regards infrastructure development and job creation will certainly be created.

“Many Zimbabweans had left the country and set up business in neighbouring countries, we talk of South Africa and Namibia. So in a way, the President is trying to invite skills to be brought back to Zimbabwe so that we build our country together. We also need to make sure that Zimbabwe is part of the region, while the engagement of the international community is part of President Mnangagwa’s integration of the country into the global community. Very soon, he will be going to Davos, the main idea being to expose Zimbabwe at the international stage.  So all these efforts will bring back investor confidence in the country and ensure job creation and infrastructure development,” Makiya said.

21st century technology has also been adopted in the re-engagement efforts with the President opening of a new facebook account, a development that removes several communication barriers. 

The invitation to Davos and warming up of relations with multilateral institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and Afreximbank coupled with visits by diplomatic envoys from western countries are clear signals that the Zimbabwean brand perception has taken a turn for the better and government is certainly capitalising on the renewed goodwill.