jonathan moyoooooooo.jpgPolitical and Economic analysts  are saying the Petersburg meeting which is set  for next week in Russia to discuss the selling of the Chiadzwa diamonds should just be a formality to certify the gems so that they go on the market.


While the Tel Aviv meeting held in Israel recently can be described as a milestone as most of the member states to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme backed the Abbey Chikane Diamond Report recommending Zimbabwe to sell its diamonds, efforts by the Americans, Canadians, Australians and their western allies to bar the country from selling its gems will once again come under the spotlight in Russia where the case of Zimbabwe’s diamond is expected to top the agenda. 


Political analyst, Professor Jonathan Moyo says the Petersburg meeting should only be a formality for member states to endorse the certification of Zimbabwe diamonds, adding that the process is now imminent as Zimbabwe, like any member states to the KPC, will have no option but to sell as it has complied with set requirements.


“The Petersburg meeting should just be a formality, giving a green light for Zimbabwe’s gems to hit the market, and if it happens that the few same detractors attempt to hijack the meeting in Russia, then Zimbabwe will sell its diamonds like other member states. The diamonds are ours, not for the Americans and their allies,” said Professor Moyo.


Economic analyst, Mr. Jonathan Kadzura, who questioned the logic by the West to determine the affairs of a sovereign country like Zimbabwe, reminded those against the release of the Chiadzwa gems on the market that the KPC is just a voluntary body that the country can do away with at any time.


“Zimbabwe is a sovereign country, it should not be told by any external force what to do with its resources. It is high time the KPC should be reminded that it is just but just a voluntary organisation that can be dumped at any given time, so Zimbabwe should go ahead and sell the gems for the benefit of the country if the KPC continues to dance to the tune of the Anglo-Saxon,” said Mr Kadzura.


Meanwhile, ZANU-PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Rugare Gumbo said the cabinet has already taken a decision that Zimbabwe’s diamonds will be released on the market without any further delay, adding that the Petersburg meeting set for next week is only a platform set to confirm Mr. Abbey Chikane’s certification of the Chiadzwa gems.


“We are confident that the Petersburg meeting set for Russia next week will without fail confirm the long-awaited sale of the gems because Abbey Chikane has proved beyond any doubt that Zimbabwe has met the minimum requirements to sell its gems,”  noted Cde Gumbo.


Cde Gumbo added that ZANU-PF has welcomed the deliberations by cabinet to go ahead and sell the diamonds.


This follows the Minister of Finance, Mr. Tendai Biti’s appeal to the KPC to expedite the certification process.


The Petersburg meeting comes at a time when efforts are being made to redefine the meaning of ‘blood diamonds’ in order to criminalise only Zimbabwean diamonds.


Only this week, Britain’s House of Commons tried to run away from the term ‘blood diamonds’ which is not applicable to Zimbabwe’s gems using conflict diamonds in debate, a term not recognised by the KP Certification Scheme.