cites.jpgThe Zimbabwe delegation to the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species CITES IN Doha, Qatar which is back in the country says SADC countries gave an indication that Non-Governmental Organisations are being given too much ground to advocate and make decisions as seen by a number of NGOs which supported Kenya’s proposal.

Environment and Natural Resources Management Minister Cde Francis Nhema who led the Zimbabwe delegation to Doha, Qatar said Kenya’s proposal and the support it got from Non-Governmental Oorganisations clearly showed that it is receiving funds from animal lovers as well as Western countries who would like to see Zimbabwe continue suffering economically without fully utilizing its natural resources.

Cde Nhema said proposals were also made at the convention that NGOs should take a back seat while governments debate over issues to do with their natural resources while the CITES Secretariat was tasked with educating member countries on all wild life, flora and fauna so that they can vote with the knowledge of the plant, Wildlife or marine in question.

It is alleged that Kenya is receiving a grant of more than US$250 million every year from animal lovers and each time there is a convention, they are instructed to make a proposal against Zimbabwe and other Southern African countries.


 It is also believed that Kenya is being used by Western countries which are keen to close economic channels that may revive Zimbabwe’s economy.


At this year’s CITES convention Zimbabwe was given the green light to continue trading in processed ivory.