Zimbabwe Cricket is confident the International Cricket Council (ICC) will lift Zimbabwe’s suspension when the ICC board meets next Monday.

Zimbabwe met the 8th of October 2019 deadline day to prove its readiness for reintegration into the ICC after being suspended over alleged government interference.

While some may fear the suspension could be extended, Zimbabwe Cricket Communications Manager, Darlington Majonga said engagements made in the past few months have been fruitful, expressing confidence Zimbabwe’s suspension could be lifted when the ICC Board meets on Monday 14 October.

“Since the reinstatement of the Zimbabwe Cricket Board by the Sport and Recreation Commission(SRC), we have been in constant contact with the ICC who appear to have been impressed by the progress made in as far as fulfilling their requirements for the lifting of Zimbabwe’s suspension. We are thus very confident that when they meet to decide on our fate on the 14th of October 2019, their decision will be favourable for us as a nation,” said Majonga.

The reinstatement of the Zimbabwe Cricket Board initially suspended by the SRC was among the major requirements set out by the ICC as a condition for the lifting of the suspension.

With the local sports governing body having already complied with the ICC’s condition for reinstatement, Zimbabwe Cricket will be hoping for the best when the ICC meets.

During the period of suspension Zimbabwe Cricket has not received any funding from the world cricket governing body with the country barred from competing at any ICC events.

As a result, the Zimbabwe women’s cricket team missed the women’s T-20 global qualifiers with the senior men’s cricket team also barred from competing at the T-20 World Cup qualifiers.