The International Trademark Association (INTA) is courting Zimbabwean-based companies on compliance to international product standards to broaden the country’s external market share.

The chief executive officer of the US-based INTA Mr Etienne Sanz de Acedo is in Zimbabwe on a fact finding mission about the country’s industry commitment  to global quality standards on services and products.

He told the ZBC News that despite challenges which have seen productivity dropping in the past few years, commitment by the public and private sectors in improving the quality of products and services gives a clear testimony the nation still wants to embrace viable business opportunities and attract new investments.

“The potential is there; we just need to stick to the real ideas of facilitating new investments,” said Mr de Acedo.

During his visit, the INTA boss has held discussions with government and industry officials on modalities towards ensuring that Zimbabwe is included within the global institution’s product network requirements.

INTA is the global association of trademark owners and professionals directed to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property to protect consumers and promote fair and effective trade.