world consumers day.jpgThe Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has called for service providers to improve service delivery in line with customer demands as the world commemorates World Consumer Rights Day.

Zimbabwe joined the rest of the world in commemorating World Consumer Rights Day, under the theme ‘Consumers for fair financial services’.


The commemorations came at a time locals are faced with poor service delivery by public utility providers such as ZESA Holdings which is failing to provide adequate power supply despite high bills and local municipalities which are unable to provide necessary water and sewer reticulation as well as collecting garbage.


The retailers on the other hand are increasing prices of commodities wily nilly.


Consumer Council of Zimbabwe Deputy Director, Rosemary Chikarakara said service providers should be fair and transparent in their operations as consumers have been shortchanged.


“In Zimbabwe I’m sure we have experienced more of this crisis than anywhere else in the world, remember we were deep in financial crisis in 2003. Banks closed down and people had a lot of problems accessing their money. We’ve also had problems in the insurance sector. Imagine you have been contributing your money through premiums throughout your life, only to be given peanuts,” said Chikarakara.


Ms. Chikarakara said government authorities and business should co-operate to ensure consumers are treated fairly.


The consumer rights watchdog is currently advocating for the institution of a consumer rights protection bill.


World Consumer Rights Day is an annual occasion which began in 1983 for mobilising citizen action and promoting basic rights of all consumers.