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Acting President John Landa Nkomo says Zimbabwe is moving forward despite the failure by the west to assist the country in promoting development and reconciliation.
Speaking after meeting with the German Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Hansgunter Hermann Gnodtke, Acting President Nkomo said the imposition of the illegal western sanctions is divisive, retrogressive and creates tension among Zimbabweans.

Cde Nkomo called on the western countries that have imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe to re-examine their stance towards Zimbabwe, saying if they do not reconsider, Zimbabwe will continue to soldier on and find solutions to overcome the challenges in the same way that it overcame the challenges of the liberation war struggle.


“This is good that we are moving forward in spite of the failure by the West to help us promote our programmes of development and reconciliation because of the sanctions regime which they call restrictive measures. That approach is divisive, it creats tension and suspicion,” said Cde Nkomo.germany ambassador 17-11-11.png


Cde Nkomo briefed the German Ambassador on the situation in the country in view of the recent violence that took place in Chitungwiza, the city centre and Hatcliffe and the recent political parties leaders dialogue or indaba held in Harare last Friday where the leaders came together to demonstrate tolerance and to implore Zimbabweans to be tolerant of each other, irrespective of divergent views.

The political leaders came up with the idea of a code of conduct that will be signed by all parties to regulate the members of their parties as they go about their activities.

The German Ambassador acknowledged that like Zimbabwe, Europe is also going through difficult economic times, but Zimbabwe’s future is bright given her abundant natural resources, good weather conditions and a rich, intelligent human resource base.

He expressed hope that quick implementation of all positions stipulated in the Global Political Agreement will be fulfilled with speed to allow the country to continue on the upward path and to pave way for free and fair elections.



“I am convinced that the political reform process will soon come to a successful end, that we continue to develop the excellent cooperation that has existed between Germany and Zimbabwe practically since independence. There is no one in Germany who wants to see sanctions go beyond the successful conclusion of the political reform process, that is after we have free and fair elections in this country and people are governed by the people of their choice,” he said.


He said prospects for economic cooperation between Zimbabwe and Germany are good in different economic areas.

From the beginning of last year, several business delegations from Germany have been flocking to Zimbabwe in search of business opportunities, a development which is a major departure from the block’s position banning trade with Zimbabwe.