diamonds 03.08.10.jpgThe Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) says the country has the potential of doubling diamond production to about three million carats a month, following the recent certification of Marange diamonds at a KP plenary meeting held in Kinshasa, DRC.

In an interview with ZBC News, ZMDC Chairperson, Mr Godwills Masimirembwa has hailed the nod given to the country to trade in its Marange diamonds, saying it will now usher in a new era in the diamond industry.

He said, “In the past, production capacity had been hampered by lack of finance, but the new development will see Zimbabwe producing three million carats, thus boosting the economy.”

Zimbabwe was given the green light to trade in its Marange diamonds despite attempts by the West to block the move.

Observers say the attempts by the West to ban Marange diamonds were due to fears that the precious stones might boost Zimbabwe’s economy and bust the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the same global powers.