eu_flag_2.pngZimbabweans from various business and social sectors have condemned the extension of EU sanctions against Zimbabwe at a time when the country has embarked on a major programme to rebuild the economy.


The sanctions which were imposed on Zimbabwe as punishment for the land reform programme have wreaked havoc in all aspects of Zimbabwean life.    


While industry and companies are making efforts to pickup the pieces and are making steps towards the right direction, the sanctions which have been in place for almost a decade are stifling economic growth as companies are unable to procure spare parts and new equipment. 


The social sphere has also not been spared as hospitals are finding it difficult to procure medicines and equipment, and in the civil service government is finding it difficult to remunerate employees.


Air Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer Dr Peter Chikumba says, the continuation of the EU sanctions is a major blow to the airline industry and travel where clients are influenced by the slightest negativity. 


While the business world is happy about progress registered so far the news of the extension of the sanctions is disturbing

The extension of the EU sanctions for another year comes at a time when many are concerned why the MDC-T which has denied engineering their imposition but is benefiting from their continued existence, has remained quiet on condemning the sanctions when the Global Political Agreement clearly stipulates that all parties should call for their immediate removal.


Many Zimbabweans say that the partial removal of six individuals and nine companies from the sanctions list is not helpful as the mere existence of any form of sanctions is not attractive for investors.


The European Union this week extended sanctions on Zimbabwe for another year citing lack of progress on the GPA in a move

analysts say undermines the GPA.