Zimbabwe’s bowling team put up a good show at the Botswana Invitational tourney where they claimed a win in the  Botswana Invitational Mixed Trips Tournament in Francistown which ran from the 28th to the 30th of September.

A three member bowling team claimed a win by beating 15 other teams at the tournament and were crowned champions of the Botswana Invitational Mixed Trips Tournament.

The team displayed determination and character as they shrugged off competition from the other 15 teams which took part in the tournament.

The Zimbabwean bowling team comprised of Aaron Chilundo, Ursula Gripper and Manuel Silver.

For one of the bowlers, Aaron Chilundo, the top gong is a bittersweet victory as he lost his grandfather a day before their departure to Francistown.

“I am delighted by the victory and I want to dedicate it to my late grandfather who has always supported me throughout this sport of bowling. His death was a major blow and that I almost failed to go to the tournament, but I finally decided to pay tribute to him through winning gold. The win means a lot for us as a team and we continue to aim for more top accolades,” said Chilundo.

Four teams from Zimbabwe came out tops out of the 16 teams which participated at the Botswana Invitational Mixed Trips Tournament.

Of the 16 teams, hosts Botswana provided 10 while Zimbabwe had 4 teams.