Zimbabwe and Belarus firms will next week sign a business cooperation agreement aimed at increasing trade and investment opportunities between the two countries.

Mr Tamuka Macheka

Zimbabwe is seeking to diversify its production base by focusing on latest technological innovations that have a potential to increase output at a time when most productive sectors are reeling under cash-flow constraints.

With Belarus enjoying a competitive advantage in the fields of machinery, agriculture mechanisation and manufacturing of trucks and excavators, the need to focus on strategic alliances is therefore critical.

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president Mr Tamuka Macheka, while confirming the impending arrival of an 18 member Belarus business delegation next week, said the sealing of the business agreement will signal further strengthening of ties between the two nations.

“It is within our thrust that we shall continue what is best to our interests and focus on those elements that have a potential to unlock value in the entire economy,” he said.

At present, Belarus mostly exports potash fertilisers and vehicle parts to Zimbabwe, while its major imports from Zimbabwe include mineral raw materials, citrus fruits and vegetables.