The Zimbabwe Football Association’s (ZIFA) bid to recall Philip Chiyangwa from Cosafa has hit a brick wall following communication dismissing ZIFA’s request.

Attempts by the local football governing body ZIFA to have Phillip Chiyangwa removed from his position as Cosafa president was dented by a letter written to ZIFA by Cosafa Secretary General, Sue Destombes.

According to Cosafa, ZIFA have no grounds to recall Chiyangwa as the matter involving ZIFA and Chiyangwa was a domestic issue which does not in any way involve the regional football governing body.

Cosafa said the issues have nothing to do with Cosafa and should be therefore dealt with in Zimbabwe.

ZIFA last week wrote a letter to Cosafa informing them of a motion to recall Phillip Chiyangwa as Cosafa president due to purported negative interferences with Zimbabwe football business.

Chiyangwa was among other things accused of organising secret meetings aimed at destablising Zimbabwean football with the AFCON  fiasco which saw players threatening to boycott matches over unpaid allowances being attributed to the alleged influence of the Cosafa boss.

Chiyangwa who was voted as Cosafa president in 2016 was eagerly waiting to hear Cosafa’s position regarding a bid to have him recalled.