antipas and mapeza in liberia.jpgThe question as to whether Zimbabwe needs a foreign or local coach will be put to rest soon, when the football mother body, ZIFA, announces the man who shall take the mandate to lead the country back to the glory days.


Soccer analysts, Oliver Vembo and player agent, Stanley Makombe, highlighted the several factors that need consideration in resolving the national team coach issue.


“A foreign coach may be good, but to say we need one now when we have already started our 2012 campaign would be fooling



“What input do we want him to bring in? Already there’s the Germany guy Pagels, who is acting as adviser to the team.


“The reputation of ZIFA of not paying former coaches also places us in jeopardy and hiring a foreign coach now would just be experimenting because we don’t have the time for him to study our team and its style of play,’ said Vembo.


Added Makombe: “Our timing demands a local coach because he has an understanding of our players in time when the AFCON campaign is already on, but my concern would be that Zimbabweans should observe this person with patience and not make emotional decisions.


“Our problem is we are too reactive – we fire a coach for just one result, but look at the likes of Ferguson; they have been with Manchester for over 20 years.


“We don’t exercise that patience with our national coaches and I think a policy should be crafted to protect them,” added Makombe.


While the debate may rage on as to whether Zimbabwe should have a local or foreign coach, the country’s history is littered with examples of foreign coaches, the likes of Ben Koffie, Ian Porterfield, Rudi Gutendorf, Clemence Westerhoff, Valinhos and even the popular Reinhard Fabisch, who all but failed to steer the Warriors to the Nations Cup.


The little success that the country has had all came from local coaches.