ZIFA technical director Wilson Mutekede says the football governing mother-body will introduce an under 15 tournament for both boys and girls to be contested from zonal and district, right up to provincial level.

The tournament is a youth development programme to identify and nurture talented youths from all the country’s provinces that will culminate in a national team to compete at regional level.

The project is expected to kick off at district level with the recruitment of qualified coaches between January and February this year countrywide to oversee the youth development programme.

Mutekede said the youth development is the first of its kind to be implemented in the country by the football governing mother body ZIFA as part of its development programme with finals set for August.

Each province will select own team beginning at zonal, district and ultimately a provincial side to compete at national level.

He said the programme would make use of existing infrastructure in the provinces such as the schools and club systems for venues and selection process.

ZIFA has come under fire of late on how the development and women’s grant from world football governing body, FIFA has been used during the last few years the board has been in office.

It is believed the youth development programme is part of cover to mask non-football activities where funds have been channelled into in the past ahead of the crucial and decisive elective extra-ordinary general meeting set for January 20.