zifa logo.gifThe Zimbabwe Football Association will, beginning next year, adopt the player passport system in a move meant to complement the introduction of the transfer matching system by the Federation of International Football Association, FIFA.


ZIFA’s Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Mashingaidze said the use of player passports beginning next year will address age cheating and ensure all interested parties benefit from player transfers.

The player passport is a computer based document where all information relating to player activities from the age of 12 is entered.

The player passport, which has long been in use in most professional setups across the world, is now a mandatory requirement following the introduction of the transfer matching system by FIFA.

The use of player passports is expected to put to an end to complaints relating to sides not benefiting from developmental fees owing to the absence of a proper tracking system that identifies a player’s movement from 12 years of age.

The abuse of minors who are often wooed into illegal contracts abroad is also set to be a thing of the past if the system is properly implemented.  

The transfer matching system will be administered by Timothy Mazhindu, who is currently studying how the system works in Egypt.