mashingaidze.jpgZimbabwe Football Association chief executive officer, Jonathan Mashingaidze, has told the premier soccer league that player wrangles will soon be a thing of the past owing to the introduction of the Transfer Matching System, TMS.

With player wrangles sparking outrage from the premier soccer league, whose plans have been delayed owing to unsettled player disputes that rocked the central and northern region Division One,  Mashingaidze said the wrangles will soon be a thing a past after the introduction of the Transfer Matching System.

Mashingaidze’s remarks follow disputes that delayed the naming of teams promoted from the northern and central region Division One.


Central region’s Hardbody has, however, since been handed premiership status after the Commercial Arbitration Centre dismissed an appeal by Triple B, while in the northern region, the matter involving Harare City and Dstv is yet to be decided, with a ruling expected early next week.

The transfer matching system which is expected to resolve the issue of player wrangles is an online method that makes international transfers of players between clubs quicker, smoother and more transparent.

The process for a transfer in TMS is a simple one, and modernises and streamlines the old paper-based method. Both clubs involved in the transfer of a player are required to enter identical information. If there is any variation in the information on either side, the transfer will be blocked until the discrepancy is resolved.