Football stakeholders have welcomed recent pronouncements by the newly elected ZIFA President, Felton Kamambo and his new board that they are going to resuscitate junior football development programmes and structures in the country.

Junior football development in Zimbabwe has been neglected and left to be the responsibility of clubs and individuals, while ZIFA has taken no active interest in football development programmes.

Speaking on the sidelines of a junior football tournament held at Takashinga Cricket Club in Harare recently,

ZIFA board member, Sugar Chagonda said ZIFA would be re-introducing football development programmes and structures countrywide to be used in the search for sporting excellence.

“We are very much interested in such junior football development programmes and will be reintroducing structures countrywide,” he said.

Renowned junior football development administrators and coaches welcomed the development and said ZIFA should not just pay lip service as development of juniors form the base of any national team success.

Football development programmes form the base for successful nations such as Brazil and France where suitably qualified coaches are employed.

The opposite however has been true for Zimbabwe where development of players has been left to individuals through their academies or passionate former players.