zifa.gifAs the ZIFA elections reach the grand finale after the completion of all elections within the affiliates, an HR strategist and sports consultant based in South Africa Milton Nyamadzawo has warned the Zifa electorate to guard against repeating the same mistakes that have plunged Zimbabwean football into the doldrums.  

After the successful holding of ZIFA affiliates elections, the clear road map for Zimbabwean soccer will become clear after the holding of the ZIFA Board elections.

Former manager of the now defunct Mwana Africa and sports analyst Milton Nyamadzawo says the last few days will provide a fascinating time as the mandate of doing justice to Zimbabwean football rests on the ZIFA Electoral College’s ability to usher in a leader ship with a clear vision to revive Zimbabwean soccer.


“The past has been riddled with lack of corporate governance, disregard of constitution and sponsorship,” said Nyamadzawo.

He indicated that Zimbabwean football has a bright and promising future as indicated by its recent recognition to have four teams in CAF competitions but unorthodox leadership measures have left the country sulking in doldrums.

The last weeks before the ZIFA board elections set for the 27th of this month will indeed be an interesting time for observers, but for those who will vote, it should be time for soul searching as the sinking or revival of Zimbabwean football entirely rests upon these few individuals.