The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) has dismissed as misleading and false, claims of misappropriation of funds saying such mischief is creating a negative influence on the Warriors team.

In a lengthy statement issued this Tuesday, ZIFA said allegations that they misappropriated funds from CAF meant for Warriors bonuses are false as the country’s football mother body received from CAF an advance preparation grant an amount of US$316 000.

This money was not for the team’s bonuses but meant to assist the association in preparation for the tournament and should in normal cases be going towards the build up expenses and not actual tournament-related expenses.

Upon being received, the money was declared to the fund-raising committee and a decision was made that ZIFA first exhaust this towards team expenses before the fund-raising committee started paying from its own raised resources.

ZIFA revealed it paid a total of US$281 000 directly to the team (players and officials) nostro accounts.
The football governing body also dismissed allegations of misappropriation of funds raised by the fundraising committee indicating ZIFA does not control the fund-raising committee purse and that its chair   Minister Kazembe Kazembe has clarified on several occasions that it was agreed that the funds will be paid directly to beneficiaries and not ZIFA.

On alleged misuse of funds donated for the team by ZIFA in ferrying supporters and media to Egypt, the association said it never got any money from anyone meant for ferrying supporters.

In fact all proceeds from fundraising initiatives will continue to be directed to the fundraising committee.

The football mother body said it used its own resources and not CAF AFCON preparatory funds and saw nothing wrong in taking supporters to cheer their team and raise the Warriors’ spirits in Egypt and will repeat the same act if called on to do so as such efforts were meant to support the team.

In line with the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) requirements, ZIFA shall avail all evidence to show no money was misused.

The football association has been under attack with allegations of misappropriation of funds which prompted the SRC to issue a statement that it will be investigating ZIFA’s handling of the Warriors participation at the Egypt AFCON finals currently underway.