cuthbert dube zifa president 11-10-10.jpgZIFA councillors have dismissed claims that they received money to vote into power the current President Cuthbert Dube describing the allegations as absurd and malicious.

While dismissing the claims, some of the councillors questioned the timing of the allegations in light of the fact that the ZIFA President Cuthbert Dube was voted into office two years ago.

Others pointed out that the there is no price that could have been used to manipulate them as they voted the ZIFA President into office on account of his pedigree.

David Mpuli, ZIFA Mash East Chairman and Derrick Matapure, Zifa Mash West Chairman, made the comments after a council meeting held in the capital yesterday.

The meeting also saw the ZIFA Assembly adopting the 2010 Audited Financial Report, discussing the 2012 budget and ratifying the suspensions of ZIFA Central and Southern Regions Division One Chairmen – Hokonya and Banda.

The council meeting came a day after a ZIFA Board meeting that resolved to reshuffle all national teams’ technical departments with the exception of the senior team – the Warriors.