The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) says the 2018 harmonised elections were held in a peaceful environment despite yesterday’s post election violence. 

The ZHRC, which deployed 23 teams across the country to observe the electoral process, today presented a preliminary report on its findings in Harare.

ZHRC Chairperson, Dr Elasto Mugwadi said the pre-election environment was generally peaceful but noted the use of hate speech and songs carrying hate messages during some campaign rallies.

“It was peaceful as compared to previous years as all political parties were given enough space to campaign freely,” he said.

The commission also observed the process on voting day.

“Some of the provinces reported case of general disorganisation on the part of the electoral management body [ZEC] with some polling stations missing and voters also missing in the voters roll,” said Dr Mugwadi.

The ZHRC then noted with sadness the loss of lives during yesterday’s violence in Harare and called for a peaceful resolution to any grievances.

“There is no need to use live ammunition on people. Rather there should be some restrictions and restraint,” he said.

The commission also urged all political parties to desist from issuing out threats against others.