16 years have gone since the passing on of musician, Thomas Makion and music fans remember the good old days of the Maungwe Brothers.

In the early 1990s, Zimbabwe saw the emerging of two musical forces; Leonard Zhakata and Makion, whose sungura music fusion became an instant hit.

Zhakata’s Mugove and Tungidza Gwenya became national anthems and the two youngsters then whose colourful viscose shirts, baggy trousers and white hats became their favourite regalia.

While the likes of Leonard Dembo, Simon Chimbetu, John Chimbadura and Kiama Boys were household names in their own right, the Maungwe Brothers then slotted themselves right into this musical scene.

Now 16 years have gone by since the death Makion and Zhakata says it seems like yesterday when his friend left the mother earth.

Although some fans say they miss the duo when they used to produce danceable music, Zhakata as a solo artist still attracts huge crowds.

Zora Music fans have however saluted Zhakata for maintaining the same beat years after the passing on of Makion.

Zhakata’s Zimbabwe All Stars band formed from Maungwe brothers still maintains its fan base as well as the dances, according to some of the band members.

In 1994 as a solo artist, Zhakata’s album Maruva Enyika, featuring the hit song; Mugove sold over 120 000 within weeks of release.