zim maize22.jpgStakeholders in the agriculture sector have called on government to urgently consider biotechnological advancement which is exercised the world over as a way to deal with hunger and to ensure that the country reaffirms its regional breadbasket status.

Officiating at the Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) 71ST annual congress in the capital, agriculture expect, Dr Robbie Mupawose said it is high time the Zimbabwean government adopted biotechnological mechanisms like genetically modified products (GMOs), in a bid to match global trends.

Dr Mupawose said it is sad to note that the Zimbabwean public are indirectly subsidising regional farmers through buying their GMO products at the expense of local farmers saying the arguments about cross pollination of breeds does not hold water.

ZFU executive director, Mr. Paul Zacharia said given the global statistics of the success story behind GMOs, he is confident that the congress will come up with resolutions to sanction the introduction of GMOs in the country.

This year, the ZFU congress is running under the theme “Biotechnology, Food and sustainable Agriculture”, a theme that is in line with the phenomenal growth in technological advancements that are being experienced globally.