bags of fertilisers 04-08-10.jpgThe Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) says farmers facing challenges with acquiring inputs can benefit from a fertiliser loan facility, which was set  up to cushion them this farming season.


This follows an outcry from a cross section of farmers who are bemoaning the cost of acquiring fertilisers at a time when the farming season has advanced in various parts of the country.

Under the scheme, farmers can pay a 20% deposit and acquire fertiliser while the balance will be spread over 4months.

ZFU Executive Director, Mr Paul Zakariya said the move is aimed at mitigating the liquidity constraints facing farmers this season.

“Having seen that there is a challenge by farmers in accessing inputs, we have come up with a scheme promoting farmers particularly on acquiring top dressing fertiliser. We are also encouraging farmers to save as we enter the selling season, farmers have lots of cash but when it comes to acquiring inputs they have no money,” Mr Zakariya said.

Local farmers continually face inputs challenges in the absence of adequate subsidies to cater for the whole country.

Government and donor organisations are currently assisting over 1 million small scale farmers but A2 farmers have to fund their own operations after Finance Minister Tendai Biti failed to allocate them any funds for inputs.