bags of fertilisers 2 -04-08-10.jpgThe Zimbabwe Farmers Union is carrying out a fertiliser inputs distribution scheme aimed at assisting small scale farmers who planted grains this season in Mashonaland East and Matebeleland North .

The inputs scheme launched last October as a joint initiative of the Food and Agriculture Organization and the ZFU, is targeting to provide 12 000 households with 1200 tonnes of top dressing fertilizer in a bid to improve yields and ensure food security.

Zimbabwe Farmers Union Agronomist, Mr. Albert Mutasa said the program being rolled out in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe, and Marondera in Mashonaland East and Umuguza in Matebeleland North is already 50%   complete.

Beneficiaries of the scheme were selected among farmers who did not receive inputs under other agriculture inputs programs such as the Presidential inputs scheme or donor funded programs in order to avoid double allocation.

Mr. Mutasa said the ZFU in conjunction with AGRITEX is also training farmers in the correct application of basal and top dressing fertilizers in an effort to improve yields.