zesa logo.jpgElectricity tariffs are set to go up this Thursday, in a move that has generated mixed views among the consumers.

The business community say the tariff increase to be effected by electricity supplier ZESA Holdings should translate into improved service delivery and eliminate the crippling load-shedding in place right now.

Tariffs will rise from 7.53 cents to 9.83 cents per unit with effect from the first of September after government approved a decision by the Zimbabwe Electricity and Regulatory Commission (ZERC).

Stakeholders in the business community said the tariff increase should translate into improved service delivery.

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president, Mr. Oswell Binha encouraged business to continue to pay their bills although highlighting that there is need for ZESA to improve its efficiency levels.

“The chamber had resolved not to support a tariff increase until ZESA addresses a whole range of issues including its levels of efficiency, the billing system as well as its top heavy structure,” said Mr Binha.

Efforts to get a comment from ZESA Holdings were fruitless but the authorities at the power utility have always maintained that the country’s tariffs are the lowest in the region.

According to the power utility’s website the average regional tariff charge is 12.6 cents per unit while the average tariff for Zimbabwe is 7.5 cents per unit.