zesa logo.jpgPower utility company, ZESA, which says it is owed US$450 million by electricity consumers, says it will continue to disconnect power supplies to customers who have not paid or made any payment plans for their bills.

Some residents in the capital have gone for days without electricity as ZESA disconnects all defaulters who have not paid their bills or have not approached the power utility for a payment plan.

The company’s public relations manager, Mr. Fullard Gwasira said customers should be responsible and pay up their bills for the company to carry out its expansion programme without difficulties.

However, residents have expressed mixed feelings with regards to the disconnection exercise.

Residents have been up in arms with the power utility over its billing system and unreliable power supplies.

To improve power supplies, ZESA is aiming to have the Harare, Munyati and Bulawayo power stations fully operational this year.

The three power stations are currently generating a combined 95 megawatts though they have a capacity to produce over 300 megawatts.