zesa pylon 08-11-10.jpgA ZESA concrete pylon has been hanging precariously for the past 8 days along Broadlands Road in Mount Pleasant, posing a danger to motorists especially during the night. 

On Sunday the 30th of October, a tree was struck by lightning along Broadlands road in Mount Pleasant.

The tree fell on a ZESA line, causing the concrete pylon to hang dangerously.

Despite the electricity utility being notified and coming to the scene, the pylon has not been attended to.

People who reside near the scene said the concrete pylon is now a danger to motorists especially at night, as it is near a curve.

“The scene is extremely dangerous and we really fear for people’s lives. ZESA workers just come and they do nothing to resolve the problem,” said one resident.

ZESA Group Public Relations Manager, Mr Fullard Gwasira said he was not aware of the problem in Mount Pleasant but promised that he was going to follow up on the issue.