zesa logo.jpgResidents from Diba area in Bulilima district in Plumtree say they lost electrical gadgets worth thousands of dollars when power was restored after an electrical blackout recently.


One of the residents, Mr Phinious Moyo said residents connected to the ZESA transformer at Diba Primary School lost property including fridges, radios and television sets when ZESA restored power.

Mr Moyo added that they fear for their children and livestock as there are exposed electrical lines and holes that were dug in the area to re-erect ZESA poles that fell last year.

He said the residents feel that ZESA is short-changing them as they have tried in vain to have the matter resolved.

Cases of property loss due to power outages have been recorded around the country and with reports that power challenges are expected to increase this year, Zimbabweans are calling on relevant authorities to take preservative measures.