nissan leaf.jpgPetrol manufacturers will soon be struggling to remain afloat as the advent of environmental friendly cars which have zero emissions might take the market by storm.
The cars which move on purely renewable resources such as solar and wind power are playing a critical role in achieving COP17’s goals and reducing the impact of climate change.

The transport sector is currently responsible for approximately 15% of overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, according to the International Transport Forum.

In that the regard vehicle manufactures have come up with an invention that purifies mobility by taking emissions out of the driving experience.

Purely powered by renewable energy, the zero emission cars are electrically charged and can go for 180km without recharging.

Although not yet very popular in African countries, Nissan Communications Manager, Mr. Francois Crisias said the issue of climate change calls for participation from every other sector.

He also said the new technological innovation is meant to complement mitigation efforts.

Apart from the zero emission cars that are becoming the centre of attraction at the cop17 exhibition centre, delegates are being aged to desist from hiring cars and ride bicycles instead as a measure of reducing carbon emissions.

The bicycles are being hired free of charge and are a sign of efforts to mitigate climate change.

The cop 17 exhibition centre is where some of the world’s greatest innovations with regards to climate change are being showcased.