The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) says due to increased demand for liquefied petroleum (LP) gas especially for home use, training of users is now more critical to reduce the number of fire accidents.

LP has helped ease pressure on the national grid and reduce the cutting down of wood for home use.

A local firm has therefore launched a training programme which is expected to benefit 10 000 households and aiming to reduce fire accidents due to gas usage.

“This programme is very important to us as the regulator because our intention is to reduce the number of incidences that can occur whilst using LP gas. Remember we have got a challenge on electricity and we continue to promote the use of cleaner and safe energy especially on cooking and heating so as to ease pressure on our national power grid,” said Mr Israel Kuchocha, a ZERA LP gas inspector.

For years, workers have been using environmental unfriendly energy sources like firewood and gel stoves, hence the decision to adopt the new energy so as to compliment government policy on clean energy.

“We are moving away from traditional forms of energy to safe domestic energy, which is cheaper and environmentally friendly in line with new trends,” Tongaat Hulett Community Service Manager – Triangle, Mr Lovemore Matikinya said.

According to the energy authority, during the first half of the year demand for LP gas increased by 17% compared to the same period last year.