abattoir.jpgThe Veterinary Department has finally closed Zengea Butchery, which also known as Red Dane Meats, after allegations that the butchery was selling meat from beasts whose death was not known.

Following ZBC News reports that Red Dane Meats is allegedly selling questionable meat, the veterinary department visited the butchery and closed it, together with its abattoir.

Upon investigations, the department realised that the butchery has been operating without a licence since 2009.

“The butchery has been operating illegally and we have identified some areas that need attention,” said Dr Pious Makaya, who is the Acting Director of Veterinary Technical Services.

Acting Principal Director, Mr William Shereni said it is still early to ascertain whether the allegations are true as investigations are still ongoing.

The headmaster of Sandringham High School, one the schools that is alleged to have been supplied with the meat, Mr John Mahaso said his school is not a regular customer at Red Dane, but noted that at one time when they did business with the butchery, the meat was not fresh as they required.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development has temporarily suspended the importation of cloven hoofed animals and their by-products from Botswana.

This follows recent outbreaks of Foot and Mouth disease in Ngamiland District in Botswana.

However, products that have been fully processed and checked for the virus are exempted from the ban.